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Welcome to the Menagerie Gathering and within these pages you will find a cornucopia of bird, birding, and assorted wild animals known to visit the yard. I have attemped to acquire facts gathered from an abundance of resources so sit back and enjoy your stay here.

My goal is to encourage anyone looking to establish a habitat to assist birds and animals especially in the harshness of drought or winter. Providing a small place of refuge for birds, plants, and all native species within your vicinity. Starting small with planting flowers for pollinators and safety areas as bushes for birds to roost and build nests for the next generation.

An ideal combination of flowering annuals and perennials for the entire growing season, especially native plants to provide natural food sources for birds, small mammals and beneficial insects such as bees. Some plants that attract butterflies can also offer a place to lay their eggs and when they hatch and feed on the leaves of the plant.

Water is vital for any wildlife habitat and a simple birdbath such as a saucer, shallow basin, any container will suffice. A birdbath is not only a welcomed addition but will also give pleasure watching them splash in the water to cool off and remember to have a water supply on the ground for non-flying visitors.
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